L.I.T: The Series (aka Really With This Shit?!: The Series)

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Jun 15 2017 | 12 Comments  


I should write a review of this series, but I won’t…basically because: Who really cares.

Instead I’ll just give my hot takes:

• It’s shit.
• Rico Pruitt is the Kevin Hart of Black Gay Web Series: Overexposed and Undertalented.
• Maybe that was harsh.
• Pruitt is handsome, but his appeal with young black gays isn’t proportionate to his level attractiveness.
• Okay, that may have been harsh too.
• This web series is basically the black gay millennial version of “The Player’s Club.”
• The abusive boyfriend is, of course, an unemployed masculine Top, the new stereotype.
• I find it hard to believe that these “actors” are serious about the craft.
• These web series and their popularity are slowly causing me to believe that all young black gay men under 30 years old are, or want to be like, these men.





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  1. Ockydub
    Ockydub | June 15th, 2017


    Also… at some point I do hope that the practiced eyebrow-raised-wrinkles-in-the-forehead-bashful-Jaden Smith /Odell Beckham look evaporates before the year 2020 along with dudes making duck lips. #OldManGrumblings

  2. takeyourmeds91
    takeyourmeds91 | June 15th, 2017

    I'm not doing this with yall. I actually wouldn't mind a series where bony nggas keep they clothes on.

  3. Omega Level
    Omega Level | June 15th, 2017

    Got DAMN you @Nick Delmacy , you are just too good!!! :salute:

    Your Hot takes on this series is freakin spot on. Every single one of them.

    In particular this,

    OMG, when I first saw endless threads, myvidster vids, and corny gay vloggers wanting to interview him, I thought WTF? Am I missing something? I mean he aight. Maybe a lil cute even. But its made to seem like he was the dude everyone was waiting for. Like he was Tyson Beckford fine. I was just confused.

    I low key want to hate watch it just to be apart of the conversation and stay in tune with what the millennial gays are up to and into these days. Maybe i'll save it for one of those days when Im feeling particularly masochistic.

  4. Ockydub
    Ockydub | June 15th, 2017

    I wonder if all of these web series were out when I was 24 would I had of moved to Atlanta.

  5. Nick Delmacy
    Nick Delmacy | June 15th, 2017

    If I'm being honest (and I've said this jokingly before but there's truth to it) part of me does admire how "sexually free" these young dudes are. If I were 23 years old right now, masculine, kinda attractive and at a slim 6'2" tall without religion or family in Atlanta…I not only would be on my 6th relationship, I would have at least 3 tatts and writing/directing my own gay web series.

    So a part of me does envy these young dudes in that way…but not in the total disregard they have for exposing their bodies to the world for rolls of pennies and some IG likes.

  6. Crescent Mugizi
    Crescent Mugizi | June 16th, 2017

    I went through the premiere and it was very underwhelming. Same oversexualized crap.more power to them, but i wont be supporting this one.

  7. DFWBlackKing | June 17th, 2017

    1) The video quality wanted me to believe the content was gonna be quality but that was not the case. It reminds me of the few guys I met on CA … their conversation didn’t match their pictures lol

    2) Most of the guys are not really “sex symbols” or what I deem universally attractive. I thought that was a requirement for black gay web series today.

    3) Atlanta is such a fucking tired cliche for black gay men. Could they make up an imaginary city or pick another major city outside of ATL, LA, DC, and NYC …. damn! I mean I would love to hear about the lives of gay men in another city where it’s not tthe norm to have 6 black gays live in a one bedroom apt with no furniture, there’s not 100 sex parties every night, and black gay men have interesting lives outside of fucking/failing at dating/cruising.

    4) Many of us on CA are very well educated, understand the importance of refined entertainment, blessed w/ sophisticated thinking patterns, etc …. LET ME BE CLEAR, WE’RE THE MINORITY, especially in the black gay community. We may not find this fulfilling in any way but in today’s society where young and old people find fake ass ratchet ass terrible ass embarrassing ass the Love & Hip Hop series as top notch legitimate and quality entertainment …. there’s definitely an audience that will love this (simple minded plebians). Sometimes we need to check our elitism LOL

    • Steven Austin | June 17th, 2017

      Check our elitism? Why?
      We are constantly talking about how Black folks need to do better and actually BE the change they wanna see, but like Love & Hip Hop, these Web series amplify the worst parts of us… mostly because the writers and the actors are so subpar.

  8. Jai
    Jai | June 17th, 2017

    I'm sure it was a mess. I actually enjoyed About Jim's message a little but this Lit sh*t needs to hurry and get extinguished fast. Face it, if you're tall, light skinned, have abs and tats, with duck lips and wrinkled foreheads, you're basically a God to them. You can be as talentless as everything known to man but if you not afraid to be naked and have those listed..Then you're hired on the web series scene. It's truly funny how most of the actors are leaving the shows…Like Tripp Ali has canned the Tex Brown thing…Well he don already got butt ass nekkind and got his peen sucked on the show in full view already soo….idk

  9. Dante
    Dante | June 18th, 2017

    For me, you are either going to do porn and not. "…Pick a side, Pick a side" (in my Nicki Minaj voice). And don't tease me goddammit!!!!

  10. Champagne_Papi
    Champagne_Papi | June 19th, 2017

    These posters have me weak

  11. Wes
    Wes | June 20th, 2017

    THANKS! You saved me from wasting 5:17min of time~LOL!
    But correct me if wrong, isn’t this webseries produced by the same dude who did all those other webseries that seem to have the same storyline, that HE himself also ACTS in??? Same plot, Same BS!
    Alright back to what you were doing guys…..Peace!

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